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Cyfenter imageAim

The aim of the Cyfenter Development Partnership was to influence and develop mainstream business support policies and practices within pre-start and enterprise support for excluded groups of entrepreneurs which would enable them to start up new enterprises.


Cyfenter key objectives were to:
  • Undertaking action-based research within the fields of equality and entrepreneurship with the objective of developing and influencing enterprise policy.

  • Representing the interests of under-represented entrepreneurs in Wales.
  • Bringing policy makers and practitioners together to identify and implement innovative policies within enterprise so as to actively empower disadvantaged groups to access support.

  • Identifying and working with transnational partners to exchange good practice, jointly develop policies and develop common European solutions.
Target Beneficiary Groups

The action based research programme worked directly with under-represented groups in enterprise to identify barriers to their success. These groups included women, lone parents, young people (18-30), over 50's, ethnic minorities, refugees, disabled people and Welsh speakers. Cyfenter’s research covered 4 themes: growth and sustainability; access to finance and grants; from benefits to self employment; design for diversity.


Cyfenter is a research-based DP whose influence is bottom up. The methodology takes research participants in a number of under represented groups in enterprise, conducts extensive research, focus groups etc of their experiences, drivers and barriers, and distils that research onto reports which are then used to influence policy makers directly.

Main Outcomes

Cyfenter developed a management structure that enabled policy makers, voluntary sector organisations and enterprise agencies to contribute to the development of Cyfenter's strategy for action based research.



Transnational partnerships


Paula Manley, Welsh Development Agency (Cardiff),


Action 2: 15 May 2005
Action 3: 30 September 2005

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BME groups, Other, People over 50


Influence at Welsh Assembly level has been extensive: an official of the Welsh assembly was on the steering committee of the DP;
  • 3 policy seminars were held with 100 attendees at each comprising policy makers, DP members and Welsh Assembly members.

  • Research findings were presented and discussed.
Influence at European level:
  • Cyfenter members have undertaken 5 visits to Brussels to present findings to the European Commission and MEPs.

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Main outputs

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