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Disability Equals Business

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The rationale for this project evolved from research and experience of partners work in supported employment, identifying the barrier of employer’s attitudes to recruiting people with disabilities, our target group. Our sub-regional partnership includes organisations working: with and for employers; with and for disabled people; local authorities and a Health Trust. It will contribute to the strategic objective of combating discrimination and promoting equality in the workplace by promoting the recruitment and retention of people who have difficulty (re)integrating into the labour market because of their disability.  Disabled people and partners involved in the project are empowered through the opportunity to work together to influence the business community, facilitated by the overall Development Partnership  activity, including design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination, and the possibility of effecting cultural change through changing attitudes and behaviour.


To demonstrate that effective partnership working will facilitate achievement of project aims, actions and outcomes which otherwise would not be possible through utilising the expertise of each partner to promote the business case for workplace equality and diversity.


  • To develop equality and diversity initiatives
  • To engage with the business community to audit
  • To assist and support employers to implement equality and diversity strategies
  • To support employers to  comply with the DDA
  • To develop and promote equality and diversity toolkit and design action plans
  • To assist with cultural change through case studies and business champions
  • To provide support to employers and disabled employees
  • To market and network the project with the disabled and business communities
  • To engage in transnational working 
  • To monitor and evaluate the DPs work throughout and ensure effective mainstreaming and close working with the TNG for Theme A.

Target Groups

Employers, disabled people




Round 1 to Round 2

This Development Partnership was not involved in Round One.


Action 2: 31 March 2008
Action 3: 31 March 2008

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