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The 'iCi'(Inclusion in Creative Industries)partnership focuses on enabling Black and Minority Ethnic groups to exploit their talents and earn a living in the creative and cultural industries sector. The problem this development partnership addresses is that the Annual Audit from Skillset and other CCI research reveals a disproportionate under-representation of BME workers within this attractive and dynamic sector, which bears no relation to the talent on offer. 'ICi' worked toward integration of industry needs and learning requirements, delivered through innovative and flexible platforms, processes and methods.

Key Objectives

  • To enable significant numbers of BME talent to access and exploit opportunity and jobs through the provision of industry-standard learning, skills, contacts and personal development

  • To put in place robust Community-Industry Forums that enables BME and minority talent to engage and work with employers and role models from their local creative economy

  • To create an innovative and groundbreaking flexible resource and opportunities framework and capacity to develop talent into employability that is scalable and transferable.

  • To develop and deliver a rolling programme of events, programmes and other opportunities that test the effectiveness of the new joint methods, processes and platforms with our partners at local and regional level

  • To design, build and populate an e-learning site with our partners at local and regional levels, ensuring that this development is ‘owned’ by the regional delivery partnerships through their involvement in every phase

  • To scan developments in the CCIs over the duration of the project, ensuring that the project is responding to business, technological and market changes

  • To ensure that the project is efficiently and enjoyably managed, so that maximum results are obtained and lessons learned

  • To share and disseminate our experiences with the Equal Programme and with both national and regional bodies and agencies concerned with strategy, training, resourcing, economic development and regeneration



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Chris Webb, Era Ltd,


Action 2: 14 May 2005
Action 3: 30 November 2005

Equal theme

Ethnic minorities


BME groups, Employed in SMEs, People from disadvantaged areas (top 10% most deprived wards), Unemployed
Total beneficiaries: 560

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