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CREATE Diversity in Employment

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CREATE has been developing activities for employers, intermediaries and beneficiaries to tackle inequality and discrimination in the labour market for ethnic minorities. The project is led by CEED, a community organisation for BMEs. The Round 1 project identified that employers need more effective processes and systems to support positive action training (PAT) and equality measures in general. Interactive internet models are being generated for Diversity Management (DM) and PAT. These feature pull down menus linked to resources, information and toolkits. The DM model has also been developed at transnational level to enable a more systematic exchange of products and good practice.


The essence of CREATE Diversity in Employment has been to provide activities supporting employers to combat inequality and discrimination in employment for ethnic minorities.


To provide a systematic approach to combat racism and discrimination in labour market in these main areas:

  • Working with employers to promote equality
  • Working with BMEs experiencing barriers in the labour market due to discrimination, including hard-to-reach groups
  • Beneficiary-led activities to enable empowerment.

Target Groups

  • Individuals from BME groups
  • employers
  • SME employers



Round 1 to Round 2

CEED was the lead body for CREATE 1. The evaluation of the Round 1 partnership identified race cannot be looked at in isolation and that employers need more effective processes and systems to support PAT (Positive Action Training) and equality measures in general. Round 2 has been focused more on how organisations plan for and manage diversity.

Lead partner

Transnational partnerships


Everton Barclay, , , Solomon Fubara, ,


Action 2: 30 September 2007
Action 3: 31 December 2007

Equal theme

Ethnic minorities


ICT team

was established in 1987 and is involved in training, advice and counselling, enterprise and other economic development initiatives aimed at ‘Opening up Opportunities’ for disadvantaged clients in the areas of employment, training and education.


BME groups
Total beneficiaries: 200 for Positive Action Training, 200 for ESOL training

Intended impact/ sustainability

The DP intends to have impact on large private sector organisations eg IKEA and L'Oreal at Chief Executive level to influence recruitment, selection and training practices. .

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Practice X X
City Local Regional National European


The DP has engaged the Probation Service, the Police and the Local Council in Positive Action Training. This good practice will become further embedded in future recruitment and selection practices.


Working with partners in the West Midlands, Scotland and London, Positive Action Training will become a recognised model of good practice.

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