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Common Ground - Breaking New Ground

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During the Round One work the partnership implemented a wide range of approaches to tackle inequality and discrimination in the Kirklees (West Yorkshire) labour market. Nearly 900 individuals and over 100 businesses benefited from the wide range of support available through the DP and over 60 people gained employment, while 85 jobs were safeguarded. Breaking New Ground has been building on the work funded under Round One but has been focusing on working with small and medium sized businesses to develop ways to help employers understand the social and economic arguments for equality and diversity and create better understanding and co-operation between disadvantaged people seeking work and local employers.


All the strands have an overarching aim to establish a new understanding and co-operation between disadvantaged people seeking work and local employers, with Common Ground acting as Intermediary to enable this process, targeting its attention to gaps in current provision.  


  • Primary research into business motives leading to the creation of interactive tools to support diversity in the workplace
  • Development of a GRADES measurement and benchmarking tool for employers on a number of diversity issues which are Gender, Religion and Belief, Age, Disability, Ethnicity and Sexual orientation/Social inclusion
  • New ways of re-packaging and re-designing work
  • Creation of a Community Employment Agency to encourage local employment by linking up with local services, going beyond standard models creating an integrated and overarching framework for the delivery of support services such as health, education, transport and childcare to supplement the employment need
 Target Groups
  • Unemployed
  • SMEs
  • Disadvantaged groups     



Round 1 to Round 2

The Round One DP (Common Ground) had the aim of establishing “Common Ground” with employers, promoting the principle that diversity pays and that by identifying and building on the latent skills of the population, it is possible to move towards a more productive local economy and a more inclusive society.

Common Ground was a vast laboratory in which a host of different approaches to labour market integration were tried and tested. The work was hindered by a lack of employer involvement and/or their inability to embrace a diverse workforce. For Round Two the partnership has been concentrating on SMEs /MicroSMEs and helping them to understand the social and economic benefits of equality and diversity.

Transnational partnerships


Alison Bruton, Kirklees Metropolitan Council - Economic Development Services (Civic Centre ), , Heather Waddington, Kirklees Metropolitan Council - Economic Development Services (Civic Centre ),


Action 2: 31 March 2008
Action 3: 31 March 2008

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The original Common Ground Development Partnership was formed in October 2001 and brought together key organisations in Kirklees from the public sector, education and training organisations, employers and the voluntary and community sector. The partnership was created after a process of widespread consultation that resulted in 21 organisations signing up to become members. They included voluntary organisations, community groups, the public employment service, the Learning and Skills Council and the local Chamber of Commerce.


Employed in SMEs, People from disadvantaged areas (top 10% most deprived wards), Unemployed
Total beneficiaries: 680

Intended impact/ sustainability

By linking deprived communities to job opportunities and nearby growth, this project also aims to provide a long-term need to target beneficiaries in terms of addressing poverty, community cohesion, and changing long-term attitudinal and organisational cultures.

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Approach taken by Positive Role Models project assisting men into childcare to be rolled out with other disadvantaged groups


Links with Sweden how Positive Role Models approach is influenced by National Policy


Community Employment Agency established to put local jobseekers in touch with local employers


Establishment of Community Employment Agency will be maintained.

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