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Thames Gateway Development Partnership

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The aim of Thames Gateway London DP was to take existing voluntary organisations and develop them into Social Enterprises, to reduce their dependency on grants. Thames Gateway is located to the South and East of London.


The rationale for TGDP was that pooled knowledge, resources, influence and measurement of policies and practice, through joint working, including transnational cooperation, would lead to understanding of what needed to be done to succeed in the fight against exclusion and discrimination.

Target Beneficiary Groups

The DP supported a number of voluntary organisations to develop alternative streams of income. This was achieved through developing business outputs. These have included physical outputs such as the production of items made from driftwood, as well as service outputs such as hiring facilities or offering contract services to schools and other social services.

Main outcomes

Most organisations were successful in generating alternative streams of income, but many continue to take short term view. Many management committees continue to think only about the funding for the next year and do not create long term strategies to deal with sustainable funding.



Transnational partnerships


Kingsley Otubushin, London Borough of Greenwich,


Action 2: 30 September 2005
Action 3: 14 November 2005

Equal theme

Social economy


Drug and alcohol misusers, Ex-offenders, Refugees


The creation of the European Certificate in Community Enterprise. This is a pioneering course that was developed for managers within 3rd sector organisations. The course was developed and delivered transnationally and aimed to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of third sector managers.

The production of good practice models – the project researched and best practice models in the following areas as they relate to the 3rd sector:
  • Legal and Fiscal Frameworks

  • Financial and Business Support

  • Community Finance

  • Quality Standards

  • Tendering and Procurement.

The project has been instrumental in transforming voluntary sector organisations from grant dependent organisations to organisations that are addressing the social enterprise agenda.

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