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The aim of the Eden DP was to develop innovative approaches to delivering lifelong learning opportunities to enhance the employability of excluded groups.


The DP also aimed to bring together partners that had previously been working separately, to develop projects co-operatively. The project activities were based around three themes:
  • Innovation in training

  • Barriers to employment for the disabled

  • Using social enterprise as a method of engagement

The objectives of the project were to:
  • Develop a model of sustainable partnership concerned with lifelong learning that can engage with policy makers and practitioners at a local, regional, national and transnational level

  • Develop and test new approaches to overcoming barriers to employment for excluded groups

  • Develop and test innovative approaches to sustainable employment by supporting employers to provide opportunities for excluded groups

  • Develop and test training programmes for employability skills
Main Outcomes

Each objective was delivered by a ‘cluster’ of project activities aimed at diverse target groups. Activities ranged from the development of new materials and training provision to new intervention and support models for addressing employment barriers.

All the activities were based in Manchester, UK.



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Steven Berlyne, Toucan Europe Ltd,

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Lifelong learning and inclusive working practices

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