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EMPOWER - Ethnic Minorities Participating On Wider Economic Responsibilities

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The main aim of the EMPOWER DP was to raise awareness of the employment opportunities available within the heritage and environment sector to Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Scotland. This is an area that has never been addressed before by any organisation in the UK. BEN EQUAL has worked with heritage and environment organisations in order to promote inclusiveness, equality and diversity within the workforce in Scotland.


The key objectives were:
  • to identify capacity building training needs in minority ethnic organisations and communities as well as implement and support the training

  • to research issues affecting EM

  • to improve EM employability by supporting vocational skills development and appropriate training needs.

  • to work with a broad spectrum of employers to promote, create opportunities and support the professional and skilled potentials of minority ethnic communities/individuals.

  • to address the issue of under representation of minority ethnic people (specifically women) in employment; involving employers, decision makers and minority ethnic representatives in the debate, aiming to influence them and act as a guide for progress

  • to design, test and deliver a recognized qualification named a European Equality Driving License (EEDL) across Europe beside developing designing and delivering equality/diversity training modules for ethnic minorities across different employment sectors in Scotland.

The DP was formed from 5 partners of BME groups who came together to put in a joint bid, and created EMPOWER to run the DP. Each of the partners had its own delivery programme, with the DP as a whole being administered by EMPOWER.

Main outcome

BEN Positive Action Worker communicated with ethnic community organisations to promote the Equal EMPOWER Project and raise awareness of the employment opportunities available in the heritage and environment sector (and increase individual and organisation membership) throughout Scotland.



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Pete Ritchie, Scottish Human Services Trust,


Action 3: 14 November 2005

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