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Audio Visual Entrepreneurship

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Skillset, in partnership with the UK Film Council, is leading the Audio Visual Entrepreneurship Development Partnership under the second round of Equal, the European Social Fund initiative designed to test and promote new means of combating all forms of discrimination and inequality in the labour market.


Skillset is the Sector Skills Council for the Audio Visual Industries and works to raise skills levels in every sector of industry within its remit.

Skillset subdivides these industries into ten sectors:

  • animation;
  • commercials;
  • computer games;
  • corporate production;
  • facilities (which includes post production);
  • film;
  • interactive media;
  • photo imaging;
  • radio; and
  • television.
Most of these sectors have their own outputs and specialist areas of work. Others, such as facilities, supply specialist services to support or supplement the work of other sectors. All sectors have their own unique skills and specialisms, and therefore their own unique requirements for skills and training, but there is now increasing movement of freelancers between related sectors, such as between high-end television drama and film.

Skillset works with each of these sectors separately, and in combination, to raise skill levels to meet the needs of the audio visual industries as a whole. For each sector, Skillset collects information on the size and make-up of the workforce, and develops standards that define the specific job areas and job roles involved. We work with industry practitioners to develop qualifications that meet industry needs, collect information on training and funding currently available, and supply information, advice and guidance to new entrants, freelancers and companies to give them the tools they need to develop their skills.

The overall aim of the project is to explore innovative approaches to supporting individuals from groups currently under-represented in the audio visual industries (women, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, older people and young people from economically disadvantaged areas) to develop the skills, knowledge and experience they need to develop successful businesses, including self-employment, in the sector.


  •  Producing informed research and gathering intelligence to underpin planning.
  • Developing effective partnerships and communications with all stakeholders to stimulate innovation, champion diversity and promote advocacy for skills.
  • Building strategies with the industry and public agencies which provide action plans to support productivity gain.
  • Developing and implementing innovative and effective models of good practice in the delivery of skills solutions and careers information advice and guidance to improve the competitiveness of the sector and increase diversity.
  • Informing, developing and promoting quality education, training and qualification frameworks.





Action 2: 31 March 2008
Action 3: 31 March 2008

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