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Promoting enterprise, innovation and productivity is a central objective for both the UK Government and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales. UK enterprise policy recognises the importance of self-employment as a flexible way to widen the world of work to include groups facing barriers to access. Women, for example, now set up 30 percent of new small businesses. The 2003 Scottish Enterprise Strategy cites two factors to be key to generating entrepreneurial dynamism:  the need to actively encourage more people to start businesses and the need to increase the contribution of education to the development of entrepreneurship. Equal Enterprise Scotland is a dynamic Partnership made up of ten organisations across Scotland, all working together to promote new business creation and continued growth in disadvantaged communities.


The underlying project rationale is to establish strategic organisational frameworks within which to design, test and promote methods and approaches to generating enterprise and business creation and to address the imbalance in business creation rates within disadvantaged areas and groups.


  • Disseminate information about entrepreneurship to identified target groups, policy representatives and mainstream support organisations
  • Promote entrepreneurial skills through education and promotional activities
  • Review and extend existing project management structures, procedures and plans at national and transnational levels, with particular focus on rural inclusion within a hub and spoke model
  • Develop entrepreneurial learning networks at local and transnational levels
  • Train trainers and develop a coordinated infrastructure within Education, Business, and Public Sector Agencies to support the development of entrepreneurial skills
  • Share best practice, expertise and resources created and developed in conjunction with other network partners
  • Develop support frameworks that promote entrepreneurship, social enterprise creation and regulatory requirements in conjunction with trainers and target groups
  • Organise a series of training actions and debates on project findings with key stakeholders.

Target Groups

  • Unemployed
  • People with disabilities including mental health problems
  • People living in rural isolation



Round 1 to Round 2

Kilmarnock College was Lead Partner in Round One and have again taken on this role for Round Two. Business Enterprise Scotland, Glaisnock Trust and Clackmannanshire Council were involved as key operational partners within the DP in Round One and are fully involved again in Round Two. PSYBT and Scottish Chambers of Commerce became involved with the partnership towards the end of Round One. This involvement has been developed and they are now full partners for Round Two. Careers Scotland has again taken a strategic role in Round Two. The new strategic partner for Round Two is the Scottish Further Education Unit.

Transnational partnerships


Margaret McCready, Kilmarnock College,


Action 2: 30 September 2007
Action 3: 14 November 2007

Equal theme

Business creation


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This Scottish DP brings together organisations with expertise across voluntary and public sectors including Further Education Colleges, Higher Education institutions, local enterprise companies, and business and community support agencies. Care was taken when developing the partnership to create a mix that would provide the maximum blend of skills, experience, geographical coverage and position within their sector to ensure that appropriate and innovative projects could be developed and that mainstreaming would be maximised by the combined efforts of the partnership. The rationale of the DP is rooted in the vision of the Scottish Executive on social justice and equality of opportunity as detailed in the document, “Social Justice: A Scotland Where Everyone Matters”.


Rural communities, Unemployed
Total beneficiaries: 400

Intended impact/ sustainability

All methodologies and interventions have been designed at the outset with impact and sustainability in mind. The DP intends to disseminate and mainstream models and methodologies to address service gaps and to enhance existing models to ensure they encourage and support diversity and effectively promote entrepreneurial behaviour.


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Process X X X X
Practice X X X X
Policy X X
City Local Regional National European


Yes - Glaisnock


Yes - Glaisnock, Clacks and BES


Y - Glaisnock, Chambers, PSYBT, BES


Yes - Glaisnock


Yes - Glaisnock


Yes -Glaisnock


Y - Glaisnock, Chambers, PSYBT, BES


Yes - Glaisnock


Yes - Glaisnock


Yes - Glaisnock

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