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Embracing Diversity

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The main aims of the Embracing Diversity DP were

  • To transfer the potential of a successful supported employment model to a wide range of disadvantaged groups in the communities.

  • To increase the capacity of employers to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

  • To produce a template for Welfare to Work services across Greater Manchester

The project sought to combat discrimination and anti-discriminatory practices, promote equality in the workplace and also test support mechanisms to help disadvantaged people. This was achieved by building the capacity of employers to learn how to accommodate the needs of disadvantaged employees. A human resources management approach was used for this.The creation of a template for Welfare to Work services brought together key groups in creating a strategy that has Supported Employment as a central means of achieving job outcomes.

The DP was based in Manchester.

Main Outcomes

The main impacts of the project have been:
  • Taking supported employment to new disadvantaged groups

  • Supporting change in the government funded programmes, as some people require additional support when finding and retaining employment.

  • Supporting HR Departments to help them understand the barriers that are faced by people who are going through traditional recruitment & selection processes

  • Supporting Stockport Council to help them to improve their Performance Indicators on Young People leaving Care. Stockport council has become a Corporate Parent for their young people; this has been written into a policy document for the Council.



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Doug Creswell, Stockport MBC,


Action 2: 30 September 2005
Action 3: 14 November 2005

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