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The aim of the Creative Renewal Development Partnership was to increase options of employment and training for those people who may have been unable to gain employment within the arts and entertainment sector and to increase the career prospects of those who were already working within the sector. It aimed to support pilot projects that challenged barriers to labour market progression for groups of people who, traditionally, were discriminated against.


The main objectives of the DP were:

  • to diversify the workforce through positive action and anti-discrimination actions that would provide a greater range of entry points not dependent on high levels of educational attainment

  • to make the transition from training into the workforce easier for a cohort of diverse workers through developing a range of targeted employability services designed to overcome the barriers they face

  • to support continuing professional development programmes designed to overcome the inequality and barriers faced by women, people with disabilities, Asian, Black and Chinese people working or wishing to work in the arts and entertainment sector.

  • to develop and implement a range of work-based qualifications to ensure that training and development activity was recognised by employers in the sector in order to mainstream the validity of the learning and development undertaken

  • to develop a programme of capacity building measures to strengthen community organisations’ ability to sustain work of the highest standard after EQUAL has finished and to support organisational change to fully empower the target groups

  • to develop a clear set of benchmarks and principles of best practice in equality relating to recruitment and selection, employment and human resource practices, training and development for the arts and entertainment workforce

  • to disseminate and mainstream the findings of the Creative Renewal programme efficiently and effective and ensure that the findings were widely available to policy partners

The DP was led by the arts and entertainment NTO and comprised the Arts Council of England, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Learndirect, employers, employer associations, trade associations and unions, universities and local community organisations. The project operated nationally. Creative Renewal covered approximately 50% of the arts sector workforce.



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To date around 1,500 new training opportunities have been proposed to support employability for people currently under-represented in the arts sector. These vary from short-courses and improved information, advice and guidance to long-term placements.

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