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CREATE is a unique partnership  of national business support organisations who have joined together to help people who are considering self-employment, particularly through franchising.

With support from the European Union, we provide independent and impartial information and advice through on-line tools, training and workshops one-to-one advice and mentoring. As a partnership we have specific knowledge and experience in supporting individuals from ethnic minorities, women, over 50's and young people looking to start and run a business.


CREATE offers a range of activities and a specifically developed blend of flexible business support to reflect your need in considering self-employment particularly through Franchising or other forms of licensing and distribution.

We understand that individuals can experience a wide range of barriers that can stop them starting a business or franchise. There are also a number of pitfalls that can be avoided by taking the right information and advice. CREATE addresses these by raising awareness of the issues to address when starting a franchise and giving you the tools that can give you the best chance of running a successful business.


  • Initial impartial advice and assistance
  • A series of workshops and seminars, with presentations by specialists on your issues and in franchising
  • On-line information and support
  • Mentoring
  • Access to bespoke support packages
  • Access to alternative forms of finance


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Action 2: 31 December 2007
Action 3: 31 March 2008

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BME groups, Employed in large firms, Employed in SMEs, Labour market returnees, People over 50

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