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The Last Mile: FlexFX Productions

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FlexFX are a unique company with inner city roots in East London complemented by global influences and vision. They enhance the Last Mile Development Partnership by their uniqueness as one of the few dance, theatre and music companies that combine young urban inspiration with contemporary music and choreography. The FlexFX offer combines community arts with professional performers.  The company has developed progressively, starting by facilitating local festivals, and club nights, culminating in the launch of Flex-FX Productions.

FlexFX embraces many different artistic styles, and have a multicultural approach both in terms of the background of the performers and their creative influences.  Their creative  inspirations range from Bollywood, urban and street (L.A./N.Y.), the London club scene and the Middle East .



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FlexFX Productions is an Asian Media Company whose work within the Last Mile development partnership involves the creation of new style fusion arts. Their work will specifically impact on the barriers in engaging with internal and external audiences within the Creative and Cultural Industries. 


Naz Choudhury, Flex FX Productions Ltd,


Action 2: 31 March 2008
Action 3: 31 March 2008

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