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KCBMEB - Knowledge Centre on Black and Minority Ethnic Businesses

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The aim of the Knowledge Centre on Black and Minority Ethnic Businesses (KCBMEB) DP was to develop new models and tools for making business support more accessible to ethnic businesses.


Business Link for London (BL4L) was aware that BME businesses were not accessing their business support services as much as other businesses. Through the project they have formulated the Knowledge Centre for Black and Minority Business Partnership to develop new models for support. The model addresses issues of culture and language. This project was based in centres across London.


Focusing on cultural, sectoral, business issues and geographical dimensions, the objectives were to:
  • Improve connections between BL4L and BME

  • Produce a model for better integrating BMEB into business support operations, covering issues of culture and language

  • Ensure that BME businesses are seen as part of the mainstream customer base for business support organisations

  • Influence and support Business Link and other business support organisations to improve levels of service delivery to BME businesses

  • Improve access to relevant finance, supply chain, managed workspace and other resources for BME’s
Main Outcomes

KCBMEB has provided national, regional and local business support to BME businesses and entrepreneurs in the format of delivery and development of alternative business support mechanisms.

It has adopted a strategic approach to viewing and engaging with BME businesses and communities. It has provided models for engagement and information on the differentiation between race and ethnicity.

The DP has also raised the profile of business support for BME business at legislative level, with briefings and articles in magazines of both the UK and European parliaments. It has also advised the DWP and contributed to government papers.



Transnational partnerships


Vernon Barrett, Business Link for London,


Action 2: 30 June 2005
Action 3: 30 June 2005

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Business Link for London (BL4L) were aware that ethnic minority businesses were using their business support services less than other businesses. As such, they formulated the Knowledge Centre for Black and Ethning Minority Business partnership to develop new models of delievering

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