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Partnership for Innovation and Enterprise

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The aim of the Partnership for Innovation and Enterprise DP was to develop inclusive and innovative models, materials and methodologies to assist individuals in accessing business creation opportunities, complementing the Scottish Business Birthrate Strategy.

The rationale for this DP was research based. Partners looked early on at where gaps in Business Creation provision existed, and the DP aimed to fill them.


The main objectives were to:
  • Identify support and promote good practice

  • Develop services that add value

  • Develop co-ordinated approaches to the organisations involved in research and business support

  • Develop a central resource of entrepreneurial expertise, commissioning new research where appropriate

  • Develop sustainable information/guidance systems on local/regional levels

  • Train Trainers - Key Agents/Peer Groups/Teachers/Mentors in entrepreneurship and the needs of the target groups

  • Stimulate entrepreneurship with a focus on target groups.

  • Develop and pilot creativity / entrepreneurship training materials within Communities and Agents of change.

The Development Partnership brought together an innovative public/private/third sector partnership, including Further Education Colleges, Higher Education Institutions, local enterprise companies and business/community support agencies, such as enterprise trust network and Small Business Gateway. The DP was led by Kilmarnock College. Activities had national coverage.

Social Justice was at the heart of the DP which corresponds to the Scottish Executive’s vision with regard to social justice and equality of opportunity as detailed in the document; “Social Justice: A Scotland Where Everyone Matters”.

Target Beneficiary Groups

The Partnership aimed to principally benefit those who were subject to the main forms of discrimination and inequality (based on sex, race, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation) and to ensure that these groups had full access to all activities undertaken.



Transnational partnerships


Stuart Cree, Kilmarnock College,


Action 2: 14 May 2005
Action 3: 14 November 2005

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Key Outputs for Action 2 comprised:

  • 425 Trainers/Agents of Change

  • 1072 Beneficiaries trained in Entrepreneurship

  • Development of entrepreneurial materials and expertise

  • Establishment of Centres of Excellence for target groups

  • 127 Business start-ups

  • Mainstreaming of successful innovations has taken place both at a national and transnational level.

  • Dissemination through the network has been achieved through partnership interaction, the publication of news letters, development of websites, organised events and the development of a comprehensive toolkit.

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