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LASAR - Liverpool Asylum Seeker And Refugee

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The aim of the LASAR (Liverpool Asylum Seeker & Refugee) DP Was to develop a co-ordinated and innovative approach to help with the integration of Asylum Seekers and Refugees (AS&R) into the local community.


The main objectives of the DP were:

  • To provide coherent and integrated services in the Liverpool Dispersal area.

  • To develop an innovative multi-layered programme of support and integration, targeting Training, Education, Health and Employment.

  • To put in place an Information Service open to all AS&Rs and the organisations supporting them.
Target Beneficiary Groups

The DP specifically targeted volunteering opportunities, the shortfall in ESOL provision, increased integration of families through school based projects and health issues. The emphasis was on asylum seekers and refugees who had received positive decisions, with an emphasis on newly arrived persons. These groups have less community support and historical base to work from than the established communities in the area.

The project is based within the Liverpool City Area, concentrating on the cluster areas where AS&R have been housed.



Transnational partnerships


John Murphy, Dingle, Granby/Toxteth Education Action Zone,

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The project provided a drop-in information centre and assistance designed to maximise integration of refugees in to society. Actitivites were used to:
  • Introduce parents and children to the education system,

  • Improve language skills to improve access to employment and education;

  • Work with professionals in education, housing, health to raise awareness of asylum seekers & refugees.

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