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Healthy Lifestyle Action Research Project, Adjust the Balance

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Do healthy lifestyle initiatives improve work ability?

Many of the initiatives that seek to improve people’s work-life balance evaluate their impact through people’s statements of them having had a positive impact.

But do these initiatives actually improve people’s ‘overall’ ability to work?

Measuring ‘work ability’ is not just about the skills and knowledge that people have. It is also about how‘together’ they are.

Is there a measure ofthis overall notion of ‘work ability’?

Can a measure be developed that is sufficiently reliable and sensitive to detect changesin the light of work-life balance initiatives?

This is the project that the UCE Business School and Faculty of Health have been working upon. The project’s main output is to be a psychometrically-sound measure of work ability.


Employed in SMEs, Labour market returnees, Lone parents and people with care responsibilities, Roma people and travellers

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