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Evaluation, Adjust the Balance

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A key part of the evaluation is to evaluate the “soft indicators” of Adjust the Balance. That includes looking at how the partners themselves are developing, as well as finding examples of success among the projects and the beneficiaries.

The evaluation is based on the six main Equal headings:

1. Innovation: What aspects of the project are innovative?

2. Empowerment: Who is empowered by this? To what extent? What new roles have been created in the organisation or the community?

3. Equal Opportunities: How does this project demonstrate equality of opportunity? How does it celebrate Diversity.

4. Transnationality: How can this project be applied in other countries? What are the learning points? How can the partners work together?

5. Partnership: How effective are the partnership arrangements? What are the challenges and Issues?

6. Mainstreaming and Dissemination: What arrangements are in place to continue the good work once the funding finishes? How is the learning from this project being recorded, stored and shared?


Employed in large firms, Employed in SMEs, Labour market returnees, Lone parents and people with care responsibilities, Women

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