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Balancing Business and The Balancing Act, Adjust the Balance

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The aim of The Balancing Act has been to run pilot projects to create a programme whereby women with time constraints, usually due to caring responsibilities, can learn about and become self employed, probably on a part time basis, with the potential to expand their economic activities as their caring responsibilities evolve.  This approach has enabled the women to maintain a viable work life balance whilst contributing to the UK economy.  The programme was launched in South Warwickshire and Worcestershire in January 2006.

The response has been phenomenal with 75 women enrolling on the programme in the first 3 months and eight businesses started.  The women have the opportunity to meet at a weekly workshop, where they participate in business related sessions, while networking with other women entrepreneurs.  In addition all participants have been offered individual sessions where their business ideas are researched and planned, prior to starting their business.

Target groups are: women who are managing SMEs, Labour market returnees, Lone parents and women with care responsibilities, from all ethnic backgrounds.


Employed in SMEs, Labour market returnees, Lone parents and people with care responsibilities, Women

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