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Circles Network, Adjust the Balance

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For many disabled people the work life balance is a major issue, with no access to employment, leaving them with full-time leisure. This project has been exploring the issues around this.

Circles Network project has been assisting 25 disabled people with work life skills. This includes 20 people who are currently unemployed and 5 people who are already in employment.  The project has been working with individuals to create long term life plans or ‘paths’. These identify the ‘core’ aspirations of the individual, breaking the longer term goals into smaller manageable pieces that can be gradually built on as a process of success. Within this remit the project offers short but effective methods for individuals to gain clarity and self worth in their work life objectives.

The methods used within the project are based around the concepts of life coaching and brief solution focused intervention. These processes are being expanded and developed at Circles Network’s Academy for Inspiring Inclusion.



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