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Advocacy Plus, ATLAS Scotland 2 - Action for Training and Learning for Asylum Seekers

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Volunteer advocates will receive intensive training in providing extended advocacy support to vulnerable asylum seekers with complex needs. A particular focus will be on women lone parents. Training to newly recruited volunteer advocates will include among others: Gain an understanding of the different forms/approaches and purposes of formal and informal advocacy. Providing reliable information and advice with impartiality and sign posting, referring, accompanying people to specialist sources of such advice. Supporting people at official hearings/meetings/tribunals/appeals etc. Acting as a ‘voice’ for those unable to speak for themselves i.e. at doctors/hospital appointments, meetings with teachers, officials etc. Becoming a Citizen Advocate in promoting the integration of those being assisted within the community.


Asylum seekers, People from disadvantaged areas (top 10% most deprived wards)

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