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Asylum Positive Images Programme, ATLAS Scotland 2 - Action for Training and Learning for Asylum Seekers

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The project seeks to embed and develop positive messaging exploring the notion of a safe haven from persecution. It will be based in Glasgow, a NASS dispersal area and be delivered in cotland and will address three key themes: 1. To support and develop a network structure that brings together 15 + key stakeholders to design and deliver strategies that inform key target media audiences. The network will build capacity to challenge negative media reporting, build effective relationships with media and work proactively to create positive asylum messages leading to a better informed media. 2. Trial three processes aimed at changing public perceptions themed to explore the notion of safe haven from persecution. This will be developed and implemented over the next year and the project will measure the effectiveness of each method in reaching the target audience and influencying attitudes. The ultimate intention is to develop a longer term funding proposal that will support the most effective method of changing public opinion. 3. Influence opinion formers by building relationships and undertaking advocacy within the political arena.



Asylum seekers, People from disadvantaged areas (top 10% most deprived wards)

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