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Equalibrium, Adjust the Balance

Activity information


The transnational project has been working on the following products

  • Top tips guides to ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and ‘Equality & Diversity’
  • Research on the changing roles of males in society and the impact on Work Life Balance for family units
  • A common framework for a Work Life Balance/Corporate Social Responsibility award
  • An interactive online tool for employers to test their Flexible Working Forms

Activities have included:

A study visit to Barcelona which included a tour of local councils business incubators and good practice SMEs to learn about their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Particularly fascinating was the ‘New Social Uses of Time’ project, an innovative approach to management of people’s time in the city.

Transnational partnerships


Employed in large firms, Employed in SMEs, Labour market returnees, Lone parents and people with care responsibilities, Women

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