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Active Learning Companies, Adjust the Balance

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The project aims to encourage companies in the West Midlands to adopt a whole lifestyle approach to learning and well being throughout their workforce and to prove the benefits to both employer and employee of this approach.

Participating companies qualify by:

  • Location - rural and urban settings, limited access to sports facilities or disadvantaged in some way.
  • Employee profile - high proportion of employees in sedentary occupations, low participation in regular exercise.

Participating companies will receive:

  • A personal trainer and a local learning development officer are provided free. Physical and learning fitness audits/assessments of the organisation and its employees.
  • Key individuals within the company are identified as Active Learning Representatives (ALRs) who are positive role models for others.
  • Regular motivation checks, advice and guidance on suitable progression activities are offered. Incentive schemes designed to meet the needs of each individual or group of employees that encourage increased participation.
  • Short taster opportunities offered to suit the needs of the employees and facilities available.
  • Links with local sports organisations and colleges.
  • A blended learning programme - LEARNING WELL - developed to raise awareness of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. The programme provides knowledge about changes to live an active and healthy life. There are four modules: Eat Well, Move Well, Be Well, Do Well. Each module has paper-based and interactive CD-ROM.
  • All companies will belong to the

Active Learning Company network and will receive regular feedback, news and information via the project

web site: www.learningwell.org.uk


Employed in large firms, Employed in SMEs

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