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Community Voluntary Sector Action Research Project, Adjust the Balance

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The Third Sector is characterised by an ethos and attitude different from the business norms. This should be reflected in the employment and deployment of employees and volunteers to deliver their services. The critical work and life balances centre more on emotions, values and commitment to the organisation through past experiences.

The project is developing an auto action learning instrument specifically designed for third sector organisations. UCE has developed a range of action learning techniques that capture the values and emotions expressed in the work environment. The auto action will provide an analytical and knowledge based approach that can be applied to the work/life balance in the community voluntary sector. The project has contracted with a number of host organisations across the region were action learning sets will be held; 10 in total concluding in June 2007


Employed in large firms, Employed in SMEs, Labour market returnees, Lone parents and people with care responsibilities, Women

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