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Acknowledged Lived Experience, Powys Equals Partnership

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Underpinning activities of the whole DP is the hypothesis that those with acknowledged lived experience have particular knowledge and skills that can enhance the development, management and delivery of services, enterprises and other community initiatives.

A vital part of the DP is the contribution of those with Acknowledged Lived Experience (ALE) who are providing living solutions to improve services, training and employment, by working as part of the team, sharing their skills (gained through experience), and acting as role models. The previous social, health, welfare, economic and environmental experience of ALE members is a way of contributing to the formation of better services, fairer opportunities, and additional facilities. Working with the DP partners, their acknowledged lived experience can shape and improve the policies and recruitment procedures of local organisations.

P=P2 aims to encourage best practice in the voluntary sector and to support and develop policies, practices, training, mentoring and support mechanisms that provide personal development for individuals and that assist organisations in providing placements, learning experience, work tasters and peer-led training. By acting as mentors, ALE members have been supporting others in similar situations both inside and outside employment. As part of P=P2, which is operating in a climate of entrepreneurship, they have become key players in improving the services of interest to the community, whilst strengthening the social economy and improving the quality of employment opportunities.


Drug and alcohol misusers, Other, Unemployed

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