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Trade Association for South West England, C3 A Competitive Confident and Credible Social Economy

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Serving the West of England sub region, the Trade Association is working to develop a stronger identity for social economy enterprises and support the key message of credibility for the social economy.

The Trade Association offers a range of networking, training and information opportunities supporting the continual improvement of social economy enterprises.

These opportunities include:

  • Networking Development and opportunity for cluster networking and support e.g childcare, retailing, etc
  • Regular forums, both via the C3 website and regular meetings
  • Regular newsletter and updates about the work of C3, partners and relevant programmes
  • Trade Promoting social economy enterprises by: Consumer, business to business, public sector marketing opportunities
  • Establishing a credible sector identity with a recognisable trade logo
  • Training Access to a range of support and improvement processes available through the wider C3 project and its partners:
  • Themed workshops and training events
  • Seeking and supporting new social entrepreneurs
  • Business advice for social economy organisations
  • Advice and support on management and governance, policy and strategy
  • Working with partners and members to develop and support social economy events and conferences
  • Link to and promote existing initiatives within the sector
  • Identify and address issues that affect social enterprise development
  • Promote the development of national approaches for social economy support and development

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