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British Red Cross Orientation Service, ATLAS Scotland 2 - Action for Training and Learning for Asylum Seekers

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This orientation service ensures the most vulnerable asylum seekers have fair and equal access to social care services. We use fully trained volunteers to assist on a one-to-one basis, accessing services in the city, ensuring asylum seekers are supported during times of stress and increased vulnerability.We will continue to develop this service and expand service provision into two the new activities outlined below. Women are often more seriously affected by displacement. They are likely to have been victims of violence, abuse and neglect and have needs relating to social isolation, domestic abuse, physical and mental health, requiring sympathetic support and guidance from same sex practitioners. We will assist female asylum seekers in finding solutions to their own personal range of issues and ensure that they have equal access to available resources. The scheme will directly address issues of isolation and restricted mobility of single mothers, women and families by providing a designated co-ordinator who can support and guide female volunteers who can provide direct one-to-one support and assistance.


Asylum seekers, People from disadvantaged areas (top 10% most deprived wards)

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