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BEST (Benefiting the Economy and Society Through) Procurement

BEST (Benefiting the Economy and Society Through) Procurement

The BEST Procurement Development Partnership has been participating in a transnational partnership called 'Improving EQuality' with partners in Austria, Sweden, Germany and Italy.

Transnational partnership 1


Improving EQuality

Lead partner

Social Enterprise East Midlands (SEEM)


Foxhall Business Centre
Foxhall Road


The transnational work has been focused on a number of activities such as conducting joint research, inputting to European policy development, hosting symposiums and conferences and participating in study tours and exchange visits.  The main objective in the transnational working is to study attitudes to reflecting social outcomes in contracting in member states.  The work has been organised around five themes:

Theme 1: Models of cooperation
To examine and analyse different types of relationships between authorities and providers of social and labour market services within EU member states
Lead partner, Austria  

Theme 2 - Public Sector Procurement
To examine how article 26 of the Consolidated Procurement Directive 2004/18/EC is implemented within domestic procurement policy by EU member states
Lead partner, UK  

Theme 3- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Reporting
To collect examples and experience from participating partners regarding regional CSR, Territorial Social Responsibility, and examples of Social Reporting (Social Auditing and Social Return on Investment)
Lead partner, Sweden  

Theme 4- Local Welfare
To compare different models of local and regional welfare, focusing in particular on two issues:
•  how European developments and framework affect local welfare
•  how the involvement and empowerment of local communities and civil society can contribute to local welfare.
Lead partner, Italy 

Theme 5 - Support Systems
To identify business and financial support systems for start up social enterprises
Lead partner, Germany