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CREATE - Co-operating for Racially Equal Access to Training and Employment

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The aim of this project is to improve the employability of people from ethnic minorities by offering Positive Action Training (PAT) as a means to gain work or improve work prospects.


The project has developed a methodology which works and seeks to embed PAT within Job Centre plus and LSC. The DP has undertaken research into recruitment and retention policies of public sector organisations and recommends more frequent use of PAT.


  • Improve the awareness of PAT as a methodology to all organisations in business sectors
  • Use PAT to improve ethnic diversity in the workplace.
  • Improving the awareness of PAT to organisations in all business sectors and the use of PAT to improve ethnic diversity in the workplace.
Main Outcomes

The DP feels that PAT should be a national key funding initiative for either or both Job Centre Plus and the LSC. Whilst both organisations are aware locally of the benefits CREATE has brought, there remains no nationally available funding for PAT. As a result PAT organisations in England are forced to seek pockets of funding from wherever it can be found in order to carry out their activities. Where we are able to meet and present our findings to key decision makers in either or both of those organisations it could be hoped that the success of CREATE could lead to national funding being granted and the awareness of that funding being transmitted to LLSC and Job Centre Plus regions as this will fit the ethnic diversity element of the national agenda.



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