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ACE National - Action for Carers and Employment

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Action for Carers and Employment (ACE) National DP has been primarily concerned with improving the ability of carers to return to work. The project was designed to cover seven regions: Wales, North East, North West, London, South East, Yorkshire and the Humber.


Six out of ten carers give up work to care and can be out of work for long periods. They can face significant barriers to returning.


The objectives of the projects were to:
  • Raise awareness of the problem.

  • Improve access to the labour market of current and recent carers.

  • Encourage employer provision for carers.

  • To produce a pre-vocational training programme.

  • To work with existing agencies to make them more aware of carers’ needs.

  • To work with employers to make carer-friendly workplaces.
Main outcomes

ACE National DP worked with existing delivery agencies to improve awareness of the specific needs of carers. ACE National DP worked with existing delivery agencies to improve awareness of the specific needs of carers.It sponsored the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004 through Parliament. The Bill requires Local authorities to meet set requirements on supporting carers who are returning to work. ACE has been involved in training local authorities on the implementation of the bill.



Transnational partnerships


Imelda Redmond, Carers UK,


Action 2: 31 July 2007
Action 3: 31 March 2008

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Facilitating access


Lone parents and people with care responsibilities


  • Creation of the Employers for Carers network, which is an interest group of major employers, to promote the business benefits of aiding carers in the workplace.

  • Establishment of an APPG on carers, for which Carers UK provides the secretariat.

  • All of the local delivery partners have received new funding from elsewhere and will continue after the end of the DP.

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