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ATLAS Scotland - Action for Training and Learning for Asylum Seekers

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The aim of the ATLAS Development Partnership (DP) was to contribute towards an employment strategy for asylum seekers through a partnership approach, and to develop a model which added value to the UK dispersal policy by ensuring a holistic response in Scotland to the needs of the target group.


In 2001, Glasgow City Council (GCC) signed a contract with the Home Office to take asylum seekers. The Scottish Refugee Council (SRC) realised that the subsequent increase in the number of asylum seekers entering the city created a need for more work on integration of asylum seekers into the host community. SRC were, however, unable to take the lead role in the DP, so GCC became the lead partner. The DP created and tested new ways to improve training and learning for asylum seekers, as a means of integrating them into the host community.



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Dawn Corbett, Glasgow City Council,


Action 2: 31 December 2004
Action 3: 14 November 2005

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Asylum seekers


The work of the ATLAS-funded projects in assisting with the integration of asylum seekers formed a full Appendix to the Scottish Executive Refugee Integration Forum Action Plan – Progress Report (2005), demonstrating significant progress for ATLAS in gaining recognition at Scottish Executive level and that our work forms part of the implementation of national asylum seeker integration policy in Scotland.

ATLAS projects have helped established communities to directly meet asylum seekers through work-based, education, cultural and advocacy projects, and through organising an inclusive conference ‘Asylum Matters for Scotland’. This work has made a significant contribution to the growing acceptance in Scotland (reflected in the SRIF Action Plan Progress Report, above) that integration is a two-way process of mutual adaptation.

Atlas projects have helped to get emerging issues for asylum seekers on to the national agenda (access to mainstream further and higher education, accreditation of prior learning, promoting the benefits of diversity at work), notably through New Roots Scotland, a new body led by Bridges Programmes and including the Scottish Refugee Council, colleges and universities, which grew out of an ATLAS work group

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